Seiki Digital SE50FY10 Review

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Seikis are affordable yet quality TVs hailing from the sunny state of California. One of their latest products is Seiki Digital SE50FY10, a 50" inch LED-backlit HDTV with Full HD resolution and 60hz refresh rate. At a glance it looks excellent for casual viewing, but let me tell you bit more about it below.

You can find these Seikis at Might be you've already checked them, but in any case they probably have the lowest prices. When I wrote this review they promised this TV wouldn't be cheaper anywhere else. Well, that's quite brave promise. Check it out yourself if you're interested.

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People buy televisions for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several user demographics.

Casual Viewers:

Despite its big size, Seiki Digital SE50FY10 is still viable choice for casual viewers. It's very affordable TV and if you have space for it, I recommend this Seiki for you. You'll find no fancy stuff on it which you certainly wouldn't need anyway. Just the solid image quality it offers.

Movie Viewers:

I'd say Seiki Digital SE50FY10 is also good for movie watching. Big 50" screen gives it upper hand with films while the Full HD resolution translates to acceptable image quality. As with all LED panels, due to the brightness of the TV you'll have no problems watching movies if also your room happens to be bright.

Sports Viewers:

You might've guessed it, but with 60hz refresh rate Seiki Digital SE50FY10 isn't optimal for sports. Some motion blur might be present, although only hardcore sports fans will notice it. This might work better for you (although be prepared to pay more for premium).


There's no reason why Seiki Digital SE50FY10 wouldn't work for gaming. It has HDMI support for consoles and acceptable size for enjoyable gaming sessions. Also remember the brightness point of view: if you happen to play in bright conditions, LED TV like this is the way to go.


Seiki Digital SE50FY10 has 3 HDMI inputs. You can connect three HDMI devices to this Seiki simultaneously, and that's perfectly enough for TV of this size. Other than that, there's a VGA support which you can use to connect your older PC to this television.

Seiki Digital SE50FY10 Summary

Seiki Digital SE50FY10 is one of the cheapest 50" HDTVs out there. That doesn't necessarily mean it's poor. On the contrary, not only in paper it looks solid but it has also received mostly great user reviews. I'd definitely recommend this Seiki for normal use and occasional gaming & movie viewing. For true sports fans something with higher refresh rate would be a better choice.

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