Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC Review

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Simple monochrome printers have their share in the market. They might be useful in occasions when color printer is too complicated, expensive or slow. One example of such a monochrome printer is Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC. Let's take a quick look at it and determine how it performs for different user demographics.

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People buy printers for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several user demographics.

Casual Users:

Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC is a budget printer. As such it's also a good buy for casual users. It should also be very easy to use. Just don't try to print color prints with it. That won't work.

Photo Printers:

Indeed, Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC is a monochrome printer. Unless you are pure B&W photographer, don't get this printer. Instead, get a color inkjet of similar price. It will suit you thousand times better.

Power Users:

Power users will be delighted by the speed of Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC. It prints up to 28 pages per minute documents. And using the high yield (3000 pages) toner, the cost per page will be around 2.2 cents. That's cheap printing I'd say.

Business Users:

Businesses can except reliability and solid performance from Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC. The maximum monthly duty cycle (= the maximum number of printed pages in a month) is up to 12 000 pages. In practice, the amount will be around half of that. It's probably enough for most offices.


Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC offers USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. In other words, you can use the printer as normal home printer connected directly to the computer. Or you can use it in office environment as network printer (either through Ethernet cables or Wireless).

Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC Summary

Samsung SL-M2825DW/XAC seems to have its place in the community of printers. It's affordable yet fast and running costs are low. It's not a real downside, but keep in mind that the printer will only yield B&W photos. If you are fine with that, consider getting this Samsung.

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