HP Pavilion 15-E028US Review

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Interested in budget laptops? Well, HP Pavilion 15-E028US could be attractive choice for you. It features dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 750GB hard drive. Screen size stands at comfortable 15.6" inches. Operating system is Windows 8. Let's take a closer look at this Pavilion below.

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People buy laptops for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several user demographics.

Casual Users:

Like any budget notebook, also HP Pavilion 15-E028US is viable choice for casual users. There's nothing it couldn't do for you. On top of that, price is very tolerable. Also the 15 inch screen is well suitable for casual, all-around use.


For students HP Pavilion 15-E028US offers enough power with affordability. Chances are you won't find many laptops cheaper than this. Running student apps and occasional multimedia will work well. As 5 pounder the laptop is also not too heavy to carry around.


Gaming on HP Pavilion 15-E028US is problematic. You won't get far with the integrated AMD Radeon HD 8450G graphics card, at least if you're looking for eye candy. Most probably you'll have to lower the settings to bare minimum. If you're fine with ragged looking games you can get this HP, but it's by no means a true gaming laptop.

Power Users:

For power users HP Pavilion 15-E028US doesn't give whole lot of value. It has 4GB RAM which isn't enough for many, although I sometimes do heavy image editing with such a RAM amount. But if you're into process-intensive stuff on a daily basis, I'd recommend more powerful laptop than this HP. Get at least 6GB RAM and faster processor.

Business Users:

HP Pavilion 15-E028US would work just fine for businesses. It doesn't cost arm and leg yet it gives you the performance to run business and Office apps no problem. If you like to travel the laptop will be quite effortless to carry due to easy 5 pounds weight.

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HP Pavilion 15-E028US Summary

Notebook like HP Pavilion 15-E028US is not too interesting choice, but nonetheless it's a working one. Its price is definitely on low side, yet it dishes out nice performance adequate for casual and very occasional heavy stuff alike. Students and starting businesses would probably like the cost-effective side of it. Gamers and real power users might want to choose more powerful laptop. That said, if you don't require great deal of performance, you have a nice, well-rounded laptop candidate here.

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