Digitrex LED24T7TEH Review

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Digitrex might be an unheard name for many. It's a brand owned by ED Digital from Southern California. Digitrex LED24T7TEH is their latest low priced TV. It features modest 24" screen, 60hz refresh rate and 3D capabilities. Below you'll find my comments about the TV and its features.

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People buy televisions for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several user demographics.

Casual Viewers:

Digitrex LED24T7TEH can be ideal TV for casual viewers. It's really a question about the size. If 24 inches is enough you might as well go for this TV. That said, even casual users might prefer something more than that. At 24 inches, it's just a size of your computer monitor.

In addition, the price is definitely attractive for those on budget. The TV doesn't feature many bells and whistles which keeps the price low and people happy.

Movie Viewers:

Watching movies on Digitrex LED24T7TEH is just mediocre experience. You won't find much joy in the small display. The picture quality, however, is great considering the 720p resolution which is perfectly fine for 24 inches.

This TV also has 3D support. Some movie people would find that useful for sure. That said, the small screen diminishes the 3D experience to some extent.

Sports Viewers:

These budget TVs have their disadvantages, one being low refresh rate. At 60hz rate that Digitrex LED24T7TEH posses, you are in danger to experience some motion blurring with fast sports. So in this regards the TV is not your obvious choice.


Gaming on Digitrex LED24T7TEH is so so. I don't know if anybody could have great experience on such a small screen. There's nothing really wrong with the image quality, though. It's just the display size that might make this Digitrex unsuitable for gaming.


Too bad there's no specifications of Digitrex LED24T7TEH available on Internet. As such I can't comment further about its connectivity.

Digitrex LED24T7TEH Summary

Digitrex LED24T7TEH is small, simple and cheap HDTV. The 24" screen size is definitely on the low side and would, at most, be suitable for cramped or tiny rooms as a secondary TV. The 3D support would attract some movie fans, but there are not many more useful features on this Digitrex. I'd recommend it only for those who really are low on space and money. But if you have room for bigger TV I definitely suggest taking a look at something bigger as they provide far better viewing experience.

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