Acer Revo RL80-UR22 Review

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Acer Revo RL80-UR22 has got the looks. It's just a small black box, not something a desktop usually looks like. Inside, you'll find 1.9GHz CPU, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive responsible for the system. Intel HD Graphics card takes care of the graphics. The latest Windows 8 runs the system.

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People buy desktops for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several user demographics.

Casual Users:

Acer Revo RL80-UR22 is cheap and simple, something that casual users value for sure. It could be easily placed in your living room due to its stylish looks and used to run entertainment and media there.


I could also recommend Acer Revo RL80-UR22 for students. The performance is adequate to run student apps in daytime and music/videos later in the evening. Furthermore, it wont break your bank if you don't also have to invest in monitor.


You could tell it right away that Acer Revo RL80-UR22 is not for gamers. It's extremely small desktop stuffed with low-tier components like Intel HD graphics. You wouldn't be able to play latest games with any eye candy on. Reducing the settings to minimum might help, especially with a bit older and less demanding games.

Power Users:

Acer Revo RL80-UR22 isn't winner for power users either. Dual-core CPU with 4GB RAM won't make you go far performance-wise. The 500GB hard drive would be sufficient only for users who don't deal with big files. Believe me, 500GB fills up surprisingly fast.

Business Users:

Acer Revo RL80-UR22 would look cool in your office, there's no question about that. And it wouldn't only be about looks, but its performance would be sufficient to run business apps. And if you happen to travel a lot, due to its size the Acer could be taken with you, wherever you go.

Acer Revo RL80-UR22 Summary

Acer Revo RL80-UR22 is perfect choice for casual users & families who are looking for a stylish and small desktop with hint of media center qualities. Also business users would potentially benefit from its portability. Only gamers and power users who demand performance should look for something else.

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