Acer AM3470-UR12 Review

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If you're not after portability but are looking for excellent price/performance ratio the most suitable computer for you is a desktop. Such as Acer AM3470-UR12. It's a budget desktop of average performance and new Windows 8. Let's take a bit closer look at this Acer and determine whether it'd be good choice for you.

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People buy desktops for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several user demographics.

Casual Users:

Getting a desktop for casual users is very easy. Just pick the cheapest one (or bit more expensive one that also includes monitor) and you are good to go.

Well, Acer AM3470-UR12 doesn't include monitor (keyboard and mouse are included) but its price is definitely on the cheap side. If you have to add basic display we're talking around 500 bucks total which, in my opinion, is very tolerable for a casual user.

The Windows 8, however, is only fully functional with touchscreen. It can be used without one but to get most out of it get a touchscreen (and unfortunately pay a bit more for it). If you're not ready to pay extra or just want good old Windows 7 you should look for another desktop. If you want to get taste of the future operating system opt for this Acer.


I don't see anything largely wrong getting Acer AM3470-UR12 for students. It would run not only student apps such as MS Office but also HD video from YouTube and occasional games alike. Furthermore, the price is pleasant especially if you already happen to own a monitor.


Indeed, some occasional gaming (with older titles) can be done on Acer AM3470-UR12. But pretty much any machine is capable for that. When it comes to playing latest games this Acer just wouldn't work. The biggest bottleneck would be the slow graphics chip.

As you can see, the graphic card's usability is limited to less-demanding games. So as your dedicated gaming rig it wouldn't work at all. But if you are fine with older titles there's nothing wrong getting this desktop. Minecraft runs well on it.

Power Users:

Acer AM3470-UR12's core performance consists of dual-core 2.2GHz CPU and 4GB RAM. It gives solid base for complex programs (although having more RAM and cores would suit your needs better if it's really resource intensive work you do). I do occasional yet heavy Photoshopping with system that's similar to this and never have a problem.

The system's hard drive is 500GB which is quite average size. You can't save tons of huge files on it. Somebody working with large media (images or video) would fill it up after some time. If your work involves dealing very often with that kind of stuff having a disk double of this size would be justified. That said, for smaller files 500GB is still more than enough.

There's also a DVD±RW drive if you like to burn CDs or DVDs for whatever reason. The presence of Internet has reduced the use of physical media to an extent but good old DVDs still have their uses now and then.

Furthermore, if you want to connect this Acer to your TV and use the television as your computer screen you can do so through the included HDMI port.

Business Users:

Acer AM3470-UR12 is another viable computer for businesses. Performance-wise, there's pretty much nothing you couldn't do with it. It also looks neat in its black design which will suit any office no problem.

If you don't want to have wires all over the office there's also a WiFi support in this desktop. In addition, for peripheral freaks the Acer is equipped with whopping 10 USB ports (8 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0). As such, connecting printer, scanner and camera simultaneously to this desktop wouldn't be a problem.

Acer AM3470-UR12 Summary

Acer AM3470-UR12 is another budget desktop that would be good choice for most user demographics. It doesn't break the bank while it offers basic performance and little more to accommodate the needs of casual users, students and businesses. Having 10 USB ports would also benefit a person with lots of peripheral equipment.

Almost needless to say it's just the people playing latest games who would do best with another desktop. The graphics card performance for demanding titles is very limited. But you won't get maximum performance with such a cheap price. If you just want a typical desktop computer for everyday and even some professional use think about getting this Acer. Most probably you'd appreciate it.

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